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The item provides details of Abraham Schwab's birth certificate and additional biographical materials.

The article discusses the history of the A. Schwab family business, the building's history, the merchandise that is sold at the store, and the various archival items in A. Schwab Collection.

The item is a price list for Bersted Manuscfacturing Co. stationary, occilating, pedestal fans as well as 3-speed air circulators and window units.

The item is a price list for Bersted Manufacturing Co's stationary and oscillating fans.

The item is a blank order form for A. Schwab Trading Co.

The photograph is of a "100 Years on Beale St." banner that was hanging in the storefront window of A. Schwab Trading Co.

The black and white photograph is a portrait of a male dressed in a suit and tie. On the front of the photograph, someone has identified the male as "Morris." On the back of the photograph, is Kresge's Studio imprint.

The item is a black and white photograph that is of a young male wearing boxing gloves. On the front of the photograph the male has been labeled "Eddie." One the back of the photograph Morris Goldstein has written, "Do you remember him? This was…

The photograph is of a crowd in front of A. Schwab Trading Co. located on 163 Beale St. Memphis, Tenn.

The photograph is dated June 1922 before the store's expansion into 165 Beale St., which housed a Piggly Wiggly.

The National Geographic Society Article features a photograph of Abram Joseph Schwab (1923-2002), grandson of founder Abraham O. Schwab (1852-1923).
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