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This photograph is of the storefront of the A. Schwab Trading Co. on May 5, 1950. Displays in the front windows include merchandise on sale and the latest blues records of the time period.

In the fourth window from the left on the second floor,…

A family portrait of the Schwab family in the early 1900's.

Abraham Schwab, the store's founder, is in the far left of the front row. His wife Sarah is in the far right of the front row. They are joined by their three sons, Leo, Elias, and Sam.

This is a photograph of the storefront at 149 Beale, the second location of A. Schwab Trading Co.

Abraham Schwab, the store's founder, stands in the center of the photograph with his hand on the post.

The young boy, second from the left and in…

This photograph shows a crowd gathered at the storefront of the A. Schwab Trading Co. in January 1926 for a sale to mark the 50th anniversary of the store's opening.
The store had expanded in the few years previous into 165 Beale, which had held a…

Photograph of A. Schwab store front on 163 Beale St. advertising a sample sale. Four individuals are in the photograph and are unidentified.

The photograph is of a crowd in front of A. Schwab Trading Co. located on 163 Beale St. Memphis, Tenn.

The photograph is dated June 1922 before the store's expansion into 165 Beale St., which housed a Piggly Wiggly.
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