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  • Collection: A. Schwab Beale Street Collection

A lease wherein Louis Lerner leased the ground floor of the building at 142 Beale to Art Hutkin between 1944-04-15 and 1945 04-15. The lease was for $840, payable in installments of $70 per month.

This is a letter from Lee Hall to Mr. Louie Lerner, written on April 11th. Written on stationery from the St. Louis and Tennessee River Packet Company, the officers of the company are listed as J.R. Massengale, the President and General Manager from…

Handwritten letter to a Mr. Lewis Lerner from a Mr. Robert Ferebee of the Great Sutton Shows.  Although the letter is written on stationary from the New Palace Theatre of Memphis, Tennessee, the letter was sent to Mr. Lerner from West Frankfort…

A letter of payment written on stationary from the Works Progress Administration from the Office of the State Administrator to The Lippman Loan Office located on Beale Avenue in Memphis, Tennessee. The letter was from Mr. G. Hilton Butler.

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