A. Schwab Commercial History Collection


A. Schwab Commercial History Collection


"If you can't find it at Schwab's, you don't need it!"

A. Schwab Trading Co. has been always been a place to go and buy staple items. Their long history as a sundries store has earned them the distinction of the oldest store on Beale St.

This collection contains items related to different types of business that the Schwab family has conducted over the years. From Schwab's Nature Soap to correspondence with different vendors and manufacturers, this collection gives us examples of how business operated in the historic store.

Collection Items

A Few of the Ways Schwab's Nature Soap is Successfully Used
Two images of an informational advertising pamphlet with user testimonials for Schwab's Nature Soap. The pamphlet demonstrates the different users of the Nature soap from head to toe and gives the history of the soap a long with user testimonials…

A. Schwab Ad From the Memphis Press Scimitar - March 2, 1962
Newspaper advertisement for A. Schwab's store located on Beale St. in Memphis Tennessee. The advertisement details the store's shoe clearance.

There is a hand written note from Sam Schwab that reads:

"The first adv. [sic] that I ever wrote…

Letter to A. Schwab from the Kuttnauer Manufacturing Co. Inc.
Letter from Mr. M.J. Kuttnauer to A. Schwab's in Memphis, Tennessee.

The letter details their inability to accommodate their purchasing needs at this time.

The letter reads:
"Dear Sir:

We appreciate your letter of the 7th and we are glad…

Schwab's Nature Face Powder
Blue tone paper with logo for Schwab's Nature Face Powder.

Redeemed Coupon for Schwab's Nature Soap
A coupon offered by A. Schwab for a free 15c bar of Schwab's Nature Soap, redeemed by J.H. Henderson.

Letter from the Herbert D. Rorex, Area Supervisor of the World War II Era Federal Surplus Commodities Corporation, written to Mr. Leo Schwab
A letter from the Federal Surplus Commodities Corporation written to Mr. Leo Schwab by the Area Supervisor Herbert D. Rorex, thanking the store for their cooperation in the plan.

The contents of the letter as follows:

"Dear Sir:

When the…

Package from the Federal Surplus Commodities Corporation
Image of a letter sized envelope. The envelope is from the Federal Surplus Commodities Corporation to A. Schwab Inc.

The envelope contains a letter from the Department of Agriculture to Leo Schwab.

Thank You Letter from R.W. Patterson of Bersted Manufacturing Company
Thank you letter from Bersted Manufacturing Company in regards to a product quote from August 3, 1951. The letter includes a personal message from Leo Schwab to Sam Schwab that the fan season is over.

Schwab's Nature Soap Contest
Advertisement for the A. Schwab's Nature Soap contest for chance to win a cash prize.

Relief of A. Schwab Logo
A relief displaying the A. Schwab logo used in advertisements.
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